Help-Wanted Now

Full time       Part Time    On-call for small gigs

We have job openings for:

*Front Office Assistant

*Handyman and/or Mechanic

* RV Parts Salesperson with background as Internet Marketing specialist

Wallpaper installer for Gigs

Electrician for Gigs

HVAC technician for gigs

RV repair technician for Gigs or more

Auto Mechanic for Gigs or more

Handyman for gigs or more

Automotive Painter for Gigs or more

Plumber for gigs or more

Call us to let us know if you are interested in this type of work
Open 7-Days by Appointment
Call at least 1 hour prior to your visit to Confirm
Phone Hours 9am-7pm Pacific time
Indoor Warehouse Showroom
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Jurupa Valley California 92509